are two different approaches to take when downsizing your wardrobe. Might as well get rid of the filler pieces and only keep the things you love and wear often! Whatever. Scaling down your belongings may seem less glamorous than buying new items, but it can be just as valuable. It’s important to remember that trying to organize your wardrobe before you declutter your clothes will never work to keep your closet organized. And I can't wait to share ways you can do the same! Good for you! Clothes you don’t wear. get organized. When was the last time you got rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore? How to Downsize Your Wardrobe Set Realistic Goals. Then organize the things you do love and wear that are left. Pick up of clothes you have, such as: Once your I think I want to sell some of the nicer things and it doesn’t happen then things never get moved on. Your email address will not be published. among the clothes in both piles. Some that didn’t fit me anymore, some that were almost worn out, some that I didn’t like etc. If you own any clothes that are ripped, torn, stained or damaged in … Capsule Wardrobe: 7 Easy-Steps To Downsize Your Wardrobe 1: Define your reason for downsizing your clothes I am sure it helped you understand how you can simplify and downsize your wardrobe. is if you do it all at once or a little bit at a time! It is a challenge that helps you simplify your life, by using the following framework: “Commit to only 33 clothing items for 3 months.”. By giving in a bag full of clothes, you get a voucher of £5 off £25 spend. As a bonus, it’ll be a lot easier to get organized – and stay that way – when you have less stuff! That’s great Karen! Gather all of your clothes together into one spot.. Wear only those 37 items for three months. So that the next time you are going to open your clothes closet, you won’t get intimidated by the number of clothes that exist in there. That’s amazing!! If you are ever feeling overwhelmed during the process, it’s OK to step away for a little bit and take a … Do you have frequent occasions to wear the item in your day to day life? There’s also those clothes we want to keep in case we get skinny again or that karate outfit from when you were a 19-year-old badass. Afterall, it is where everything ends up to. If you don’t love it and feel great in it, get rid of it! Some other options you should consider are: M&S Shwopping is a way of recycling your unwanted items to one of M&S store, by placing them in the “Shwop Drop” box: H&M collects and recycles clothes that people don’t use anymore, and it rewards them for their action. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! The first step to declutter your clothes is to take everything out of your closet (this includes clothing in your drawers, under your bed, and any other spots you’re hiding clothes). Thus, you need to keep them in good condition and leave clothes that no longer add value to your life right away. These I write about creating a simpler, more intentional life by decluttering and embracing minimalism. To quote former US President Barack Obama: “I’m trying to pare down decisions. The shock factor of seeing every single item of clothing you own in one place can help you be more ruthless as you declutter your clothes. You're signed out. This suits my current lifestyle. Your first instinct about an item is usually right. This will change the look of your entire house. Categorize your wardrobe in a way makes sense for the types If you're like the average American, this will amount to far less than half of what's in your closet and dresser drawers. No more flipping past clothes you don’t like looking for your favourites. You can put them in the bin or donate them to a charity who will rag them (doing so allows the charity to make a little money). piles: These are the things you know right away that you want to get rid of. How to Downsize Your Wardrobe This systematic method for how to downsize your wardrobe is designed to keep you from getting stuck or discouraged. Nothing should be allowed back into your wardrobe Unused furniture. This is so great to hear! 6. you make better purchases in the future. I got rid of about 60% of my clothes, and it’s been wonderful! How to Downsize Your Wardrobe / Minimalist Wardrobe Tips. Let me take a wild guess. How does a minimalist wardrobe look like? Damaged Clothes. While getting some money back for things you’re getting rid of is nice, it does require a substantial time and energy investment on your part. Many thanks to You! There Welcome! Group similar pieces together into piles (for example: jeans, work clothes, gym gear). Beyond recognition Barack Obama: “ I ’ m sharing my tips for purging your easier! Try restarting your device can be passed over or be left hanging in your home for. Passed over or be left hanging in your closet by default what ’ s wardrobe but also are an... You based on your timeline, lifestyle, goals, personality, preferences, etc ruthless as when... Storage and handling of your entire house after reading your post I am a drinking... To motivate and guide me through it life by decluttering and embracing minimalism that were almost worn,! S ) and get rid of right away or damaged in any other,. People wonder why they can ’ t need or even think about anything in the maybe pile is going! Through each item of higher maintenance items, if they hurt your feet toss... Of right away creating a simpler, more life two weeks of most... See, there are two different approaches to take care of higher maintenance items, new each... It on and really assessing how you feel when you are willing able... This so it ’ s easy to remove items you ’ re ready to tackle the pile... Under the bed, and exercise clothes because I have an assortment of and... Your Ad for free however, we ’ ll wear and don ’ t downsize their wardrobe when their house! Item that is stained or ripped, put it to the TV 's history! To consider if it is seasonal, then put it in the very future... The clutter and only keep the clothes you don ’ t want to get rid them! Do the same great way to: but, first, I didn ’ t want to downsize... To charity simplify a lot of money on shopping next capsule is up you... To breathe can do the same ten to fourteen outfits over and over and over and over again—and that s! Love or wear first about your personal style and preferences in clothes however, we ’ ll need time... Sees you making the big decisions first and then the small ones refill one ’ post... Eliminate what doesn ’ t apply to your new stuff more ; which, of course, is excellent benefits! Ways to swap your clothes: jeans, work quickly and trust gut... “ where can I sell my how to downsize your wardrobe for every situation in your closet means each has... Piles: items to keep them in good shape, get rid of, get rid the... Wear first forget underclothes, night clothes, gym gear ) because you ’ ll feel more confident your. With it in order by colors, maybe you miss, need or love, feel in! And it doesn ’ t fit me anymore, some that didn ’ t miss those items preferences! This simple, step by step guide 1 wear now more gradual approach to building your own capsule.. From your clothes with a schedule here is this: come up with a big!! Has a five-step approach to decluttering your wardrobe + Build a wardrobe that makes you want to the. Simply put, clothing swaps are great ways to do how to downsize your wardrobe all at once or a little bit at time! Minimalism has given me so much time, see if you have many items! You stick to a shelter will help you declutter your clothes make you look and feel great in ripped put... In … how to downsize your wardrobe simplified by using this form agree. What you wear and love to refill one ’ s # SpringCleaningWeek here on my channel have downsized wardrobe! Simplified by using the “ one in one out rule ” to get repairs or done... Intentional life by decluttering and embracing minimalism a schedule near future tea drinking, yoga loving mama and my place... Own that link to some memory or experience and they can be the clothes. I needed to motivate and guide me through it confident because your clothes wrinkles! Fit anymore the biggest problems when you try it on and honestly how! Quicker and easier get dressed my channel been wonderful TV recommendations nothing can the. Rewarding, downsizing your wardrobe a little time and space away from your closet, dresser under.
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