On the other hand, a materialized view does store the result of the query. In this section, you learn about the following uses of these views, as they are applicable to the topic of large databases. The FROM clause of the query can name tables, views, and other materialized views. A view created with a unique clustered index is known as an “Indexed View” or “Materialized View”. Creating a materialized view. For example, after the SET option CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL is set to ON, the expression 'abc' + NULL returns the value NULL. We have certain environments that prefer the use of materialized views, but the regular applications use regular views. When a master table is modified, the related materialized view becomes stale and a refresh is necessary to have the materialized view up to date. At one point you mentioned not being able to reference views in the definition – did you mean non-schema bound views? Collectively these objects are called master tables(a replication term) or detail tables(a data warehousing term). When we see the performance of Materialized view it is better than normal View because the data of materialized view will be stored in table and table may be indexed so faster for joining also joining is done at the time of materialized views refresh time so no need to every time fire join statement as in case of view. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In computing, a materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. We'll send an email with a link to reset your password. In order to allow the user to store the result returned by a query physically and allow us to update the table records periodically, we … You can’t insert data into a materialized view as you can with a table. Usually, a fast refresh takes less time than a complete refresh.A materialized views log is located in the master database in the same schema as the master table. Performing CPU-intensive calculations 4. Une vue matérialisée ne peut pas être créée sur une table avec un masquage dynamique des données, même si la colonne avec masquage dynamique des données ne fait pas partie de la vue matérialisée. ; View can be defined as a virtual table created as a result of the query expression. If you want to optimize a refresh operation by using the fast option, it makes sense to include a single concatenated index with all the columns used in the unique key for the view. Not the data it returns. Only CLUSTERED COLUMNSTORE INDEX is supported by materialized view. Sql Access Advisor (a GUI tool for materialized view and index management) can recommend the creation of materialized views. I would probably test out though as well, depending on size of dataset drooping/creating may not save you much. Prejoining tables 3. When a materialized view is created Oracle may add system generated indexes to its underlying table (i.e. ; View can be defined as a virtual table created as a result of the query expression. We contend that returning stale data is the result of limitations in implementation and workload characteristics, not a fundamental characteristic of a materialized view in itself. A view created with a unique clustered index is known as an “Indexed View” or “Materialized View”. Using materialized views against remote tables is … A materialized view cannot reference other views. The key difference is that materialized view is well, materialized. If refreshing I would probably drop Index and re-create (depending on if you expect materialized view column to be unique or non-unique) Are you refreshing via dbms) You can probably create a simple package to drop index; refresh view; Create index. Just like we … This you can index. But, when the underlying data from the source tables is updated, the materialized view becomes out of date, serving up an older cached version of the data.

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